You may return part or all of an Order, for this we kindly ask you to use the Return Form at the bottom of this page, we'll be glad to do our best to support you.

As a Customer you have the right to return the Product(s) from your Order, with no penalty and no requirement to specify a reason, by returning the Products you received to Maurizi S.r.l. within fourteen (14) days from the date such Products were delivered.

    Following our procedures you will not be responsible for shipping expenses for returns if your address is in the European Union Member Countries.

    For returns from the UK, Switzerland, U.S.A. and Canada your return shipping costs will amount to €15,00 EUROS
  • For other Countries ( Rest of World ) you'll be charged at the same shipping cost of the Order.

Please note that in any case any custom or import duties that could be imposed on products returned to Italy will be at your expenses.

In order to follow our procedure for an effective and agile Shipping Return, please send us your RETURN REQUEST by providing your order number 

via our web site CONTACT FORM
or by email at

We also kindly request to carefuly read the following RETURN CONDITIONS before sending your request.

send us the following information via this site or by email to contact@eliamaurizi.eule

  • Subject: Return Request
  • the order number you wish to return
  • the reason for the return, so that we can better satisfy your request and need.
  • Name and surname
  • Address to which the return will be made
  • Telephone number
  • Any information relevant to the success of the procedure


You have 14 days from receipt of your order to request a return.
The return is your right and it will always be accepted if you proceed with your request following these steps.

We cannot substitute the items but only REFUND them.
If you need substitutions please make a return and then please place a NEW order on the website.

Our return policy only allows a refund of the returned items.

You can make a single return request for each order.
The shipment costs for the return will be on our charge only if the return is carried out in accordance with the following procedure.
We will not accept returns sent by different processes and different couriers.
After verification of the integrity of the product (as per General Conditions of Contract), the cost of the item/s will be refunded, while shipping costs will be retained by MAURIZI S.r.l.


Use the form below or send via this website or via email to your


Please indicate in the text
the order number you want to return and for our information the reason why, so we can better provide to your request and needs.

After submitting your return request you will receive a confirmation EMAIL where you will find:
A RETURN CODE associated with your order
Two SHIPPING LABELS in the body of the email to be printed and cut out along the dotted lines.
A DHL return label to be handed over to the courier at the time of withdrawal.
PRINT the e-mail containing the shipping labels received; place a label inside the parcel and attach the other one on the outside.
Please DO NOT STICK the label on the Elia Maurizi original box.
CONTACT DHL courier through the link in the email to schedule your pickup 

Items cannot be worn, washed or altered in any way
Each item must have all original tags, packaging and accessories received with the order. Shoes and accessories must be returned with their original boxes, which are considered integral parts of the products and cannot be damaged and/or altered in any way.

In the case of defective or incorrect merchandise, or if errors occur in the shipment process by MAURIZI S.r.l, the Client must follow the instructions above (Return). MAURIZI S.r.l. reserves the right to request photographic support regarding defective or incorrect merchandise before authorizing a return and bearing the charges for the shipment and import fees.

All returned merchandise is subject to re-entry inspection and must respect the parameters listed in the return policy.
MAURIZI S.r.l. reserves the right to refuse returns that are unauthorized or not sent DHL couriers without prior authorization from the customer service. Authorization shall be requested via email at the address of the customer service.
Customized items cannot be accepted for return.

Returned items must be handed over to the courier ready packet in order to limit any possible damage to the merchandise.
Upon verification of the integrity of the product (as stated in the General Terms and Conditions), the amount paid for the item (s) will be reimbursed, while shipping costs paid at the time of purchase will be retained MAURIZI S.r.l. In all cases where withdrawal is not lawfully and validly applied by the Customer, MAURIZI S.r.l. shall return the Product to the Customer, at the Customer's own risk and expense; Customer must also address the organization for the return of the goods.

Should the Products returned by damaged during transport for return to MAURIZI S.r.l., the Customer shall be informed of all damages reported, in order to allow the Customer, in turn, to inform the courier and claim his rights with regard to the courier. At the same time, the Products damaged during transport shall be returned to the Customer, at the Customer's own risk and expense. Should withdrawal be exercised in accordance with the provisions of current legislation, MAURIZI S.r.l. shall reimburse the amounts paid by the Customer.
Reimbursement shall take place free of charge as quickly as possible and, in any case, within fourteen days of the date on which MAURIZI S.r.l. became aware of the Customer having exercised his right to withdraw. MAURIZI S.r.l. will not notify the receipt of delivery to its warehouse.

Customers can check for successful delivery with the courier entrusted with the return shipment. The customer will receive an automatic email notification from our bank confirming the reimbursement of the payment by MAURIZI S.r.l. within the provided 14 days. MAURIZI S.r.l. is not responsible for the time required to reimburse the payment, which is fully regulated by the issuers of the credit cards used.